I kroywara I: I walk with you, you walk with I

Invisible Dialogue

Through a self-guided process, mentoring and participation in academic and artistic research programs, I am documenting a performance philosophy. This project can be traced back to 2016. Until 2021, I tracked knowledge and ignorance in context of the America’s through my ritual PSYCHOMAMIO.

PSYCHOMAMIO refers to a non-existing manual. I refer to this metaphor as The Negro Bible: a tool to perform space in time. In Suriname mamio is a blanket created from remnants of fabrics. This machine of documentation aims for a factory of agency, in which the Process, the Others and I encounter symbolically.

My focus on tracking traces of times is in collaboration with a dialogue between Boni and Kwasi; two 18th century figures in context of Suriname. I refer to them as both sides of the imperial force. In our coalition, I imagine renewed temporal spatiality emerging as a process in which information – such as ideas, thoughts, feelings, expressions and convictions – is composed by physical and spiritual conversations. This way of social practice ‘walks’ simultaneously with contemporary art.

In fact, I spontaneously imagine and methodologically create through rituals of reflection. Generally I asking: How come democracy – regardless of whether it goes left or right, down or up – ends up in a catastrophe?

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